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Cabin 1 and Cabin 2 $99 Nightly

Cabin 1 and Cabin 2 are a short walk from the store, restaurant and bar. 

Both cabins have a bathroom with a shower stall, a small dining table and microwave for quick snacks or you can come down to the restaurant for dinner and drinks.

$125 Nightly

These fill quickly so call to reserve your fun time. 

Store - 605-337-3080

Jim - 605-830-9710

Esther - 605-840-1547

We also have laundry service available upon request. 

Cabin 1 (Pictured above left) includes 2 bunk beds with full size mattresses on the bottom with twin mattresses on the top bunks. 

 Cabin 1 Lodging $99 Nightly
Cabin 1 Bunks, Beds and Bath
Cabin 1 Bunks Dining Area
Cabin 1 Bathroom and Shower
Cabin 1 Entrance, Bunk and Microwave Oven
Cabin 1 Bunks, Beds and Dining Area

Cabin 2 (Pictured above right) includes 2 bunk beds with full size mattresses on both top and bottom bunks and will sleep as many as 8 people. 

Cabin 2 Lodging $99 Nightly
Cabin 2 Bunks Beds
Cabin 2 Dining Area
Cabin 2 Dining Area, Microwave and Bunks, Beds
Cabin 2 Bathroom and Shower

Both cabins have front decks and offer a great view of the sunset. We have room to keep your rig close so you can get everything charged for fishing. Its a short walk down the steps to our store, restaurant and bar for anything you might need. Laundry service is also available upon request.

Cabin 1 Front Deck
Cabin 2 Front Deck
Dock 44 Convenience Store, Restaurant and Bar
Cabin 1 and Cabin 2 Parking and Turn Around
Fire Pit for Cabin Guests
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